Year of the Peer Podcast debuts January 12th

In the wake of the most divisive presidential election in modern U.S. history, host Leo Bottary and producer Randy Cantrell will launch a weekly podcast titled The Year of the Peer, with Leo Bottary. The free podcast (available on audio and video) will begin on Thursday, January 12th, featuring top leaders, authors, journalists, and scholars, who will talk about the importance of coming together and the need for relying on one another more than ever as we address the challenges of a future most of us can barely imagine.

In describing the "why" for launching this podcast, Bottary said, "We live in a society today where, to our detriment, we debate more than dialogue, talk more than listen, and judge rather than learn. Trust in our institutions is low and the political climate for collaboration is toxic. In this fast changing, complex world, we'll need to trust and depend on each other more than ever if we're going to make any progress at all."

"For 50 weeks, I'll be joined by some of the best minds in the world who will share their insights, stories, and recommendations about how we can work together more effectively – to seek common ground and see one another for our special gifts rather than our differences," Bottary said.

Guests appearing during the first quarter of 2017 include Altimeter Group CEO, Charlene Li; Forbes publisher and global futurist, Rich Karlgaard; Founder and Executive Director of the Business Owners Council, Lewis Schiff; Host of MSNBC's Your Business, JJ Ramberg; and best-selling author of more than 30 leadership books, including The Leadership Challenge, Jim Kouzes, among others.

"We'll have conversations about leadership, accountability, vulnerability, collaboration, and our future, that you just won't get anywhere else. The fact is, we can accomplish so much more, both in business and in life, when we do it together," Bottary said. "If you're a leader of any organization at any level, or you want to be one someday, this show is for you."

The Year of the Peer podcast will be available on iTunes, YouTube, Google Play and a host of other platforms, and subscribing is simple. Earlier this year, Bottary dubbed 2017 as the Year of the Peer. The podcast is one of several initiatives designed to encourage leaders everywhere to collaborate more effectively.

Leo Bottary is coauthor of the book, The Power of Peers: How the Company you Keep Drives Leadership, Growth & Success. He is an adjunct professor for Rutgers University, keynote speaker and workshop facilitator, and blogger at

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