How I became a podcaster

​Hosting my own podcast wasn't even on my radar until I received a call from Randy Cantrell. Keep in mind that I didn't know Randy from Adam, and he didn't know me either. He had read the Power of Peers, liked the book, and is a huge fan of peer groups for business leaders. I had a lot going on at the time, so it actually took me awhile to engage in any kind of real dialogue with him. I'm so happy I finally did.

After a few conversations and an impressive video he put together for me, explaining how it would all work, I was all in. Luckily for me, he was too, and The Year of the Peer with Leo Bottary podcast was born! I recruit most of the guests, prepare for the interviews, and lead the conversation on the show. With the guests we have, it pretty much means my job is to get out of the way, listen, and learn. Randy handles the backend, guest relations and promotion, and prepares the program for distribution, which includes lending his terrific radio voice to the head and tail of the show. Randy believes in the work. He's fun to work with, and I learn a great deal from him. Our respective compensation for this undertaking is the pure joy of engaging with great guests and spreading the word that who you surround yourself with matters with as many CEOs and business leaders as we possibly can.

All of our guests are truly incredible people who generously lend their voices and their insights to the Year of the Peer movement. The podcast for me is more than a weekly show. It's an illustration of the power of peers. Randy made one phone call (or maybe two or three) and the ripple effect has become part of the lives of countless people who listen to our show on my website, C-Suite Radio and all the major podcasting platforms. Who you surround yourself with matters a lot – no Randy Cantrell, no podcast! Thanks!

To listen to Randy's podcast, check out Grow Great with Randy Cantrell!

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